Random Central Florida Spots

Random Central Florida Spots

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I have compiled a list of some random spots around Central FL. that I love. Maybe you will love them too? Are you into picking oranges, holding butterflies, cactus, old stuff, weird illusions? Well, then I think you came to the right place!


Fort Christmas: Located in Christmas FL. Basically the type of town most people just drive through. There isn’t a lot going on, but there is Fort Christmas! I personally am a fan of history and free stuff. Yes, Fort Christmas is free! What is Fort Christmas you ask? Well, Fort Christmas was originally built on Dec. 25th 1837 during the second seminole war. The fort now is a replica along with replicas of houses and schools that show rural Florida life from the 1870s through the 1930s. I’m kind of obsessed with the house from the 30’s. Fort Christmas is the perfect spot for having a chill day just taking it slow and looking at old stuff. Sounds good to me!

Reptile World Serpentarium: Located in St. Cloud FL. I’m going to be completely honest. This place is not “nice” BUT that’s what kinda makes it perfect. This place is full of reptiles and snakes. I’m sure you gathered that from the name. When we first arrived I thought we would get through the whole thing in 20 min. because it’s not a huge place. We ended up walking around and watching the snake milking show for over an hour. Why yes, I did say snake milking! One of the owners (a bad ass snake lady) milks snakes. It’s so stressful to watch, but they clearly really know what they are doing and have a true passion for snakes and reptiles. It was cheap to go and totally worth it. So very Florida, and I loved it!


Florida Cactus Inc.: Located in Apopka FL. Also referred to as the cactus farm. This place is full of greenhouses to rome through. So pretty!!! It’s not open on the weekends. Go checkin at the front desk. If it’s your first time let them know and they will give you the details you need. The prices are really great. If you go during the Summer months be prepared for the heat. Dress appropriately and bring water!!

Husband of mine.

Husband of mine.

Spook Hill: Located in Lake Wales FL. Spook Hill is a gravity hill. It’s an optical illusion where cars appear to roll up the hill. It’s weird, and fun. Just go. ALSO, I’ll probably talk more about this in another post, but I don’t want to leave it out. Bok Tower is located very close to spook hill. It’s one of my favorite spots. Again, just go. That’s all I have to say right now. ALSO, I have one more random spot in Lake Wales that’s worth a visit. St. Annes Shrine. Its located down a random street. Google it. It’s a very pretty/random spot. I’m into it.


Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter: Located in Oviedo FL. A beautiful nursery full of all the pretty things you would expect to find at a nursery, but the best part is the butterfly room! It’s small, but worth it. Inside the butterfly room (it’s not called the butterfly room, but that’s what I have chosen to call it) there is another little tiny room where you can actually pick up some butterflies on your fingers! It’s a cute little cheap thrill.

Showcase of Citrus: Located in Clermont FL. It’s a pick your own citrus farm. They have a huge gift shop full of local honey, local wine, boiled peanuts, and other random FL stuff, and the most important thing ORANGE SLUSHIES! You can get it with soft serve vanilla ice cream too. So good! They are made with fresh squeezed orange juice and its amazing! They also have some random farm animals to look at or feed. Some monster truck thing you can take a tour on, but I just like walking through the orange groves. You don’t have to pick any citrus to enjoy the farm. I really love this random FL. spot.


That’s all I got for now. I will add to this list as I explore more. Someday I’ll make my list for North and South Florida as well.

I hope you have fun exploring these Florida gems.

Brittany Reagan