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Florida Day Trip #2 - Sanford FL.

Brittany ReaganComment
Florida Day Trip #2 - Sanford FL.

Florida Day Trip #2

Sanford FL.

I have a soft spot for Sanford. I grew up near Sanford and also lived there for many years. Not enough people appreciate, or know the charm that Sanford has to offer. The historic downtown area is full of beautiful old homes, moss hanging oak trees, brick roads, and a slew of local shops and restaurants. It's only about 30 minutes from Orlando. 

A little Sanford history.

Native Americans first settled in the area thousands of years before the city was formed. The town was originally called Mellonville. I approve of the name change.

Sanford Baseball Field is the location where Jackie Robinson first took to the field in 1946 to play baseball as the first African American to play in the Major League.


Here is a list of my personal recommendations


Willlow Tree Cafe: A Sanford staple. They serve classic German dishes. Grab yourself a schnitzel and a beer! 

The Smiling Bison: Farm to table restaurant in a charming historic building. 

Fuel: BBQ! A new addition to Sanford. They have a great outdoor patio!

St. Johns River Steak and Seafood: They have a great patio with views of the lake. Perfect dinner vibes! 

The Corner Cafe: A friendly neighborhood cafe. Great sandwiches, salads, and soup. 

The Breezeway: Great seafood and steak that you can enjoy on an open patio. 

Wondermade: Handcrafted marshmallows and ice cream. This is a must!

Palate Coffee Brewery: All their profits are donated to help stop human trafficking. Very cool.

Bitters & Brass: The best bar in Sanford, maybe even Central FL! Such a great little spot with amazing cocktails! 

Imperial: Located inside a furniture store Washburn Imports. Sit on a funky bench from India while you enjoy a cocktail in this quirky bar. 


Magpies Modern General: A fun shop full of all kinds of fun gifts. 

The Rosie Lee Co: They sell loose tea, and assortments of unique oddments. 

Maya Books and Music: A classic Sanford bookshop. Full of books and lots of quirkiness 

Antique stores: Downtown Sanford has many antique stores to explore. The Treehouse is a favorite. 

Things to do

River Walk: A mile long paved trail that takes you around Lake Manroe. You can take a break and enjoy the view while you swing on a porch swing along the trail.

St. Johns Rivership: Take a lunch or dinner cruise on an old steamboat around Lake Monroe. I’ve been wanting to do this myself! 

Black Bear Wilderness Area: Located about 15 minutes away from the historic area. This trail is one of the best trails in Central Florida. Part of the trails takes you along the path of the St. Johns River. Absoluelty beautiful! If you need a dose of nature I highly recommend you go! Make sure to bring bug spray! 

Drive Around: I love just driving down the historic neighborhoods admiring the old beautiful homes. 


Enjoy a fun day exploring Downtown Sanford! I hope you discover new places of your own