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Florida Day Trip #1 - Micanopy and Cross Creek FL.

Brittany ReaganComment
Florida Day Trip #1 - Micanopy and Cross Creek FL.

Florida Day Trip #1

Micanopy and Cross Creek FL. 

I grew up in Florida, but never really explored too much outside my own city until a handful of years ago. I quickly discovered how dynamic this state is. Every corner of Florida is so different from the next. From beach towns, to country towns, to bustling cities, to the best kept secrets.

Overtime I will share some of my favorite day trip spots. Today I wanted to start off with two towns that have been frozen in time. Enjoy! 

Micanopy: Founded in 1821. Located about 20 minutes South of Gainesville with a population of only 600. This Southern community was named after Chief Micanopy of the Seminole Nation. To call this a small town would be an understatement. It will only take you a few minutes to drive through the whole thing. The downtown area is full of antiques stores and small town restaurants. One of the more unique places to eat is Pearls. The locals will tell you it's "the best BBQ in the world." It’s located inside a gas station. Yes, a gas station. It’s an experience to say the least! You also have to checkout the little history museum. I love a good museum! If you decide to stay the night there is always the Herlong Mansion bed & breakfast. It is rumored to be haunted. By far my favorite part about Micanopy is the old Southern homes and Spanish moss covered oak trees. I could stroll those streets all day. 


Cross Creek: About a 15min drive from Micanopy. Cross Creek was the home of American author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in the 1930's. She wrote four books while living there, including The Yearling. You can tour the house she once lived in. It’s open from October - July. I believe it only cost $3 per person to tour the house. Cash only!! You can also walk the grounds for free. It’s a really beautiful spot to explore. Wander the trails behind the house. It's really something! There really isn’t much more to the town, but it’s kinda neat to drive around. Feels like you are truly in the middle of nowhere. 


I hope you get the chance to explore these old Florida towns, and discover something new of your own.